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  • Is The New Testament True?
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  • Does God Exist?
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  • Does Evil Prove God Exists? (Frank Turek vs. Alex O’Connor)
  • Are Atheists Stealing From God? (Frank Turek vs David Smalley)
  • What Better Explains Reality: Naturalism or Theism? (Jeffery Jay Lowder vs Frank Turek)
  • Is Morality Better Explained By God Or Science? (Frank Turek vs. Michael Shermer)

Legislating Morality

  • Marriage: Biology, Not Bigotry
  • Humanity’s Greatest Problem.
  • Do You Think Homosexuality Is Wrong?
  • How to talk about the Transgender Bathroom Issue and the truth about it.

Culture & Government

  • What is the Solution to the Problem of Abortion in America?
  • Humanity’s Greatest Problem.
  • How to talk about the Transgender Bathroom Issue and the truth about it.
  • Christianity’s Place in Politics… Divorce, Homosexuality & More.


  • How To Present The Gospel To A Muslim?
  • Basic Differences Between Islam and Christianity.

Theology & Christian Apologetics

  • Why Did God Create People He Knew Would Sin?
  • How Could There Be Death Before Adam’s Sin?
  • Where Did Cain Get His Wife?
  • What Does The Bible And Science Say About The Age Of The Universe?

Ethics & Moral Argument

  • The Problem Of God Commanding To Kill The Innocents In The OT
  • Can Morality Be Reduced To The Survival Of Communities?
  • Why does God Allow Bad Things to Happen to Good People?
  • Why Does God Allow Cruel Acts If He Loves Us So Much?

Intelligent Design & Fine-Tuning Argument

  • Is Macroevolution True, And Does It Disprove Christianity?
  • What Does The Bible And Science Say About The Age Of The Universe?
  • Are There Not Enough Anti-Evolutionist Biologists?
  • Information, DNA and God

Kalam Cosmological Argument

  • Why Can’t The Universe Be Eternal Just As God Is Eternal?
  • What If The Evidence For The Big Bang Theory Is Wrong?
  • Frank Helps Skeptic See How Even Atheists/Agnostics Believe in a Finite Universe
  • Creation and Creator.

Is The New Testament True?

  • How Could Illiterate Apostles Write Gospels?
  • Why Is Embarrassment A Standard For Historical Accuracy If It Is Also Found In Mythology?
  • The Problem Of Contradictions In The Bible
  • Frank Turek Is Challenged About The Integrity of the Council of Nicea & the Biblical Canon

Does Truth Exist?

  • Fearless Faith: A Discussion on Truth

Are Miracles Possible?

  • Can Miracles Happen?
  • Are Miracles Really Possible? Really? Frank Turek Explains
  • Is the Jesus Story Stupid? Is the Resurrection Totally Mythical?

Does God Exist?

  • Creation and Creator.
  • Richard Dawkins & God Have Something In Common
  • Ex-Atheist asks: How to Help College Students Know God?
  • Frank Turek Answers Atheist’s 3 Objections to Christianity

Reason & Free Will

  • Reason doesn’t exist in atheism.
  • If Everything is Determined How Can We Have Free Will?