Would you have stood up against slavery in the 1860s? Or against Nazi Germany in the 1930s? What about your pastor? It seems the Church today is more interested in being politically correct than speaking out in defense of the truth. But can it really be God’s will that His children be silent at a time like this?

Best-selling author (Bonhoeffer, Luther, Amazing Grace, Miracles) and radio host Eric Metaxas joins Frank to reveal highlights of his new book, Letter to the American Church, where he summons the Church to battle and calls for pastors (and other Christians) to be courageous enough to speak up against the massive anti-Christian forces that now threaten to permanently transform American society.

In this podcast episode, Frank and Eric bring to light four major errors we make in thinking that Christians should NOT be involved in politics or other controversial issues:

  1. A misunderstanding of the word FAITH.
  2. The idol of evangelism.
  3. There is no command “Don’t be political!”
  4. Avoiding sin is not the central purpose of the Christian life.


They also discuss the spiral of silence, religious liberty, and the haunting similarities between today’s American Church and the German Church of the 1930s. We hope you’ll share both this podcast episode and Eric’s book with your pastor and church congregation!

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