Do recent scientific discoveries make belief in God unnecessary or implausible? A recent survey, cited by Dr. Stephen C. Meyer of the Discovery Institute, shows that recent scientific theories about the alleged “unguided” evolution of life have led more people to reject belief in God than any other common objection, such as suffering, disease, or death. But who are the people claiming these “perceived messages of science,” and are they really telling us what the scientific evidence actually shows?

Dr. Meyer joins Frank to discuss his recent article that was (surprisingly!) published in Newsweek magazine and responds to atheist objections to the claim that the greatest scientific discoveries of the last century actually point to an intelligent creator.

Some of the questions they address include:

  • Do recent observations by the James Webb Space Telescope disprove the Big Bang theory?
  • How do we even know the Earth had a beginning?
  • What does the Bible teach us about the age of the universe?
  • What about a multiverse? Is that even a possibility?

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Dr. Meyer’s article:

Dr. Meyer’s book (Return of God Hypothesis):

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