Fearless Faith Seminars

The Fearless Faith Seminar

Spending $100,000 on college where your children will be indoctrinated into atheism? Perhaps you should spend $100 inoculating them.


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Fearless Faith 

is a ONE DAY SEMINAR AT YOUR CHURCH for students and adults to help you become fearless about your Christian beliefs, whether it is at the water cooler at work, over dinner with your family, or in a classroom that’s hostile to Christianity. You will learn practical and invaluable helps including:

  • What’s the one essential critical thinking skill you need to be fearless in your faith?
  • How should you respond when professors or co-workers challenge your faith?
  • What are the four most important questions to ask unbelievers?
  • I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist (and the cold case evidence for Christianity) 
  • How can you resist sexual totalitarianism?
  • How do we know Jesus really rose from the dead?
  • What can you do when the university tries to close down your Christian club, or prevent your Christian speaker from speaking on campus?
  • Answering the four toughest objections to Christianity
  • How to combat campus speech codes and other unconstitutional policies
  • Why atheists need God to make their case
  • The Top Ten Apps you must have on your smartphone
  • And much more!


“Dad, I don’t believe in God anymore.” Those are the words of a former Church youth group leader to her father after only four weeks of classes at UNC Chapel Hill.  This is not an exception but the norm: 75% of Christian youth walk away from the church when they go to college. And most Christian adults are afraid to talk about Christ because they don’t know how to answer objections to their faith.

The Christian faith is being strongly challenged from nearly every segment of society, from the college classroom to the corporate boardroom. In fact, college professors are five times more likely to be atheists than the general public, and more than half of professors have unfavorable feelings toward Evangelical Christians. Add to this, a barrage of “sensitivity training,” politically correct indoctrination and peer pressure both at school and in the workplace, and we have a perfect storm, toxic to faith.  Unfortunately, most students and adults go into that hostile environment unarmed and unprepared.  That’s why the Fearless Faith Seminar is essential!

If there was a Mt. Rushmore for Christian Apologetics – Frank Turek, Jim Wallace and Mike Adams would be on it.

Thank you men for a power packed 7 hours of teaching. Our people continue to rave about the content and how entertaining the weekend was. I highly recommend that any church serious about equipping the saints with a solid Biblical Worldview host a College Prep Course.

Paul Blair
Pastor, Fairview Baptist Church, Edmond OK

The Crossexamined College Prep Course was nothing short of EXTRAORDINARY. Frank, Jim and Mike are the best trio of presenters I have ever seen in one venue. Given the state of our college campuses and our nation, I don’t see how Christian parents can afford to omit this pre-college training. If you have the same concern for your kids as we do, then this is a must-attend event for your kids AND you. Give Frank and his team ONE day with your kids and they will prepare them for ALL their days. It will be the most important day of class in your child’s college career. They provide all you need to know to protect your kids from the dangers lurking on today’s college campuses

Jim Whiddon

Took my son and his best friend to this workshop and it was fantastic, My son (15) has not stopped talking about it. Just saying if your thinking about it— don’t think just go!

Brian Dean


President of CrossExamined.org, TV and Radio host, and author or coauthor of several books including the bestselling I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist, Stealing from God, and Correct, NotPolitically Correct. Click here for full bio.

Dr. Frank Turek

Professor of Criminology at University of North Carolina at Wilmington, and author of several books including Letters to a Young Progressive:  How to Avoid Wasting Your Life Protesting Things You Don’tUnderstand.Click here for full bio

Dr. Mike Adams

Cold Case Homicide Detective who has been profiled four times on NBC’s Dateline for his work on solving murder cases that are decades old. Jim is also the author of the critically acclaimed Cold Case Christianity and the forthcoming God’s Crime Scene. Click here for full bio.

J. Warner Wallace

When, Where and How:

  • Fearless Faith Seminars can be scheduled now at churches all over America.
  • Friday night 7-10 pm, and Saturday morning, 9 am –1 pm (This timing is subject to change based on the needs of the hosting church.  For example, some churches may choose an all day Saturday format).
  • Note:  Since this seminar is in high demand as are the speakers, host churches must have a Sunday attendance of 1,000 or more.  (If your church is smaller, you can team with other churches to host a seminar).
  • To get more details about hosting Fearless Faith at your church, please email us below.


You can find recommended resources for attendees at Impact Apologetics 

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