President Biden said this week that all trans people are made in the image of God. He’s absolutely right. Everyone is. But the President then ignored the end of the verse: “God made them male and female”.

The President then went on to affirm “gender-affirming care” FOR CHILDREN that includes hormones, puberty blockers, chemical castration drugs, “top” surgeries — elective mastectomies and breasts enhancements — and “bottom” surgeries — removal of genitals. Again, FOR CHILDREN! Frank has a lot to say about this madness and the religion of sexual license.

Frank also reveals that he spoke to 45 Christians living in Ukraine via Zoom this week. He gives an eyewitness report from one of them living in the city of Donetsk, Ukraine— right in the path of the Russian attack. Are our American news reports true? How many civilians are being killed? By who? Are there really Nazis in Ukraine? Is war justified?

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