Campus Check List

Campus Hosting Checklist:

Below is a list of things to consider when you bring Dr. Frank Turek (or another CrossExamined speaker) to your school to conduct a dynamic I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist seminar. If an event is booked, you will receive more specific details about what will need to be in place.

  • Pray
    • This is the most important part of any event!
  • Have an approved Campus Ministry host the event
    • Ratio Christi, Intervarsity, Campus Crusade, Chi Alpha, BCM, etc 
  • Set up a Meeting of Volunteers to discuss:
    • Event date and time
    • Venue on campus
    • Acquiring donations
    • Event promotion and advertising
  • Acquire funds for the event
    • is a non-profit organization. We charge students nothing to attend, so all expenses are paid by donations.
    • The cost to have Dr. Turek do a seminar at a college/university is $1000 plus the cost of his flight, car, hotel, and food.
    • If there are 250+ people in attendance, we will waive half of the $1000 fee.
    • Make a funding request to your university—they have money available for educational events like these.
    • Request funding from campus ministries and area churches.
    • Reach out to local businesses or other individuals.
  • Pick several possible dates
    • Schedule the event on a weeknight.
    • Plan the event to last for 2 hours (including 30 minutes for Q&A).
  • Secure the Venue
    • Try to find an auditorium that will seat at least 500 people.
    • Book the venue for at least 5 hours, if possible, with a 2 hour window prior to the event for our videographer to set up and 1 hour for clean-up post event.
  • Work with on campus AV Team regarding Dr. Turek’s AV requirements
    • Access to his computer on stage with audio and video capabilities.
    • A podium or small table to put his computer on.
    • A hands-free wireless mic.
    • A mic on a stand for the audience for Q & A.
  • Double check after a week to make sure the venue is booked.
  • Advertise, advertise, advertise!
    • CrossExamined will provide promotional tools and will also promote through our website and social media.
    • Set up a Facebook group for the event.
    • Make announcements on campus radio or local Christian station.
    • Make announcements in a local newspaper.
    • Put up posters (provided by CrossExamined) around campus.

For more information, contact us at



We are so excited about all God is going to do through our unified efforts on your campus. Continue to pray for the lives that God intends to impact in bringing His Truth to your school.

Many Blessings,

Christian Apologetics

*(Here are some other fund raising ideas)

Make a funding request to your university—they have money available for educational events like these. Every university is different, so you’ll have to call around to see who holds the purse strings. Don’t neglect the office of the President. Presidents have discretionary money for speakers. If you’re at a typical campus, you’ve had a disproportionate number of atheist, liberal, and Darwinian presenters, and very few Bible-believing Christians. Appeal to the President’s sense of fairness.

Request funding from campus ministries and area churches. They benefit from an I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist event because they can minister to the attendees after it’s over. I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist attracts people across the entire spectrum of beliefs—many of whom would never attend a typical campus ministry meeting or a church service—so it’s a great place for ministries and churches to reach such people. (Moreover, placing interested attendees with a campus ministry and church is essential for discipleship.) Let campus ministries and churches know that they will have an opportunity to introduce themselves via literature or a short announcement at the end of the event.

Local business people or other individuals at church often have a heart to support something like this, especially if their children go to the university. Ask members of your group if their parents would be interested in underwriting an I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist seminar. (Please make out all checks to Again, donations are tax-deductible.)

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