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There’s no God? How boring!

I showed my high school students the movie Expelled by Ben Stein, where he claims that intelligent design proponents have lost jobs, lost tenure and had their reputations smeared. One of the memorable scenes of the movie featured William Provine, Cornell University Professor and outspoken atheist, articulating the implications of Darwinism. If Darwinism is true, […]

3 Quick Reflections on Apologetics Worldwide

Apologetics is growing internationally. Today I got an email from a minister in Ethiopia who is starting apologetics training in his country through the local church and national media. In our Biola M.A. Christian Apologetics program, we have students from New Zealand, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Australia, Latin America, and more. A few years ago, when […]

Should Experience Trump Scripture?

Sean McDowell, Ph.D. In my recent book The Beauty of Intolerance, my father and I discuss how a new view of tolerance has crept its way into the church. One powerful way this is seen is how an increasing number of Christians approach Scripture. For instance, in his book God and the Gay Christian, Matthew […]