Underwhelmed: Reviewing Jerry Coyne’s Why Evolution Is True

In Scotland where I live, I belong to a group that meets every few weeks in a pub in Glasgow. Called “Glasgow Skeptics,” the group attracts a range of individuals of diverse educational backgrounds. We bring in guest speakers from near and far to cover a variety of topics relating to science and critical thinking. I find myself in agreement with many of the speakers, but on a relatively small range of topics, I find myself in disagreement. An example of the latter would be the scientific validity of modern evolutionary theory and intelligent design. Readers may recall my reports on lectures by P.Z. Myers andEugenie Scott.

Last week, the Glasgow Skeptics hosted Jerry Coyne of the University of Chicago, author of the popular-level book Why Evolution Is True and a lively web journal of the same name. Since I am currently out of the country, I regrettably was not able to attend Dr. Coyne’s lecture. Spurred by the occasion, however, I thought I would offer a review of Why Evolution Is True. Though I missed seeing him in person, by the way, his usual lecture can be viewed onYouTube. The book covers his arguments in much more detail.

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