Two Recent Interviews on Islam


As readers may have surmised, I was in the United States for a month on an apologetics tour, visiting North and South Carolina, California, and Texas. I returned to the U.K. on Saturday. During this time in the U.S., I was involved in four radio or TV discussions (two of which I have already written about). Two of these interviews were for an internet radio show called Theology Matters with the Pellews. It is an excellent show, which I recommend highly, and the hosts (Devin & Melissa Pellew) have a great lineup of guests. I had been on this show once previously to discuss popular objections to the Christian faith. This time, the topic of our conversation was Islam. The first show covered a lot of ground but not in as much depth as I would have liked, and so I suggested to Devin that we do a second follow-up show to discuss things at a little greater depth. He kindly agreed. You can listen to these shows at your leisure by following the links below — enjoy!

Show 1: Listen here.

Show 2: Listen here.


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