The Multi-Dimensional Nature Of Biblical Genealogies

Don’t you just love to read these before going to bed? The genealogical records certainly make for excellent reading for those struggling to get to sleep at night. Sarcasm aside, these texts reside among the most skipped-over chapters in the Bible. As with many things in the Bible, however, lurking just below the surface is a wealth of treasure waiting to be uncovered.

Have you ever wondered how the Hebrew names recorded in the genealogy of Genesis 5 translate into their English counter-parts? Let’s take a look.

1) Adam: Man

2) Seth: Appointed

3) Enosh: Mortal

4) Kenan: Sorrow

5) Mahalalel: The Blessed God

6) Jared: Shall Come Down

7) Enoch: Teaching

8 ) Methusaleh: His Death Shall Bring

9) Lamech: The Despairing

10) Noah: Comfort

Stringing the meanings of those names together, we get the following:

Man [is] Appointed Mortal Sorrow. The Blessed God Shall Come Down Teaching. His Death Shall Bring The Despairing Comfort.

Could this be the product of happy coincidence or happenstance? Or is there something more profound going on here? Readers are, of course, free to judge for themselves. When taken as a cumulative argument, the numerous foreshadowings and prototypes which point so decisively towards Christ and the gospel — an event separated from the pertinent Jewish books by centuies — represents a potent argument which cannot readily be explained away with the shrug of a shoulder.?


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