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The Artifact Encounter (Charleston, SC)

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  • Address: 95 Calhoun Street, Charleston, SC


The Artifact Foundation presents The Artifact Encounter, a blend of various approaches to art illustrating the Bible, merged with historical data displayed in settings replicating archaeological sites.  The combination of these three elements produces an historically engaging experience.


The Artifact Encounter is divided into seven sections, each telling the early story of how the Bible was composed and preserved.  Each section blends archaeological and ancient literary sources demonstrating the historical reliability of the Scriptures.  The sections are enhanced by art from an ancient synagogue, medieval Jewish scribal arts (called micrography), and pictures of early printed woodcuts to enhance the biblical story.


During this encounter, visitors will gain a better understanding of the archaeological and historical context of the Bible.  Scribal practices will also be examined, particularly related to the transmission of the text. The experience will demonstrate the careful traditions employed by Jewish scribes to ensure the accuracy of the text.


As you browse the exhibit, you are also invited to join the talks given by experts at various times throughout the day.


Dr. Frank Turek will be speaking in Ballroom 1 during the following times:

  • Friday at 4:00pm(ET) – Does Truth Exist?
  • Friday at 8:00pm (ET) – Does God Exist?
  • Saturday at 12:00pm(ET) – Are Miracles Possible?
  • Saturday at 6:00pm(ET) – Are the New Testament Writers Telling the Truth?


Lectures are open to the public all days. No registration is required, but there is limited seating.


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