Reasons For Faith: A Couple Of My Interviews

meradioI recently re-listened to a couple of radio/podcast interviews I have done on why I am a Christian. I thought these may be of benefit and interest to readers, so I decided to post the links here.

The following one is mostly about intelligent design and why I think a case can be made from biological evidence for the role of an intelligent causal agent in the development of life on earth. The total duration is 37 minutes.

Biologist Interview: Jonathan McLatchie (Apologetics 315)

In the following interview, I discuss why I am a Christian and address common objections such as “How do you know God exists?” “How do you know the Bible is reliable?” “How can you believe in miracles?” “How do you know Jesus existed?” “What about the problem of evil and suffering in the world?” “How could a loving God send people to Hell?” “Why should a Christian do apologetics?” and “What about homosexuality?” The total duration is 120 minutes.

Theology Matters With The Pellews

The first is a good introductory crash course to the arguments for intelligent design in biology. The second covers broader material, and discusses some of my reasons for being a Christian. I start out fairly quiet in the second interview, and am somewhat hard to make out. You can tell I was nervous, with it being one of my first live interview experiences. After we get going though I speak far more clearly.

I hope readers find these interviews edifying.


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