Mom Charged with Assault on Her UNBORN Baby: Will Pro-Choice Advocates be Outraged?

In Tennessee last week, a 26-year-old was charged for assaulting her unborn child. See the full story here:

Under the state’s new law if a baby is harmed or found addicted to drugs due to the mother’s drug use during pregnancy, the mother can be charged for assault on the fetus. In this case the mother used methamphetamines 3-4 days before giving birth.

One sees an obvious curiosity—if it’s true what pro-choicers contend for, that a fetus’ right to life isn’t protected until it is born, then why should this 26-year-old meth user be charged for assault?

This case is a perfect example of using what can be called, “The Common Sense Test.” It’s common sense that pregnant women shouldn’t willfully subject a fetus to harm. In fact 35 states recognize a fetus as a homicide victim, but oddly they don’t apply the same logic to abortions. That means if a pregnant woman and her doctor are both in their cars on the way to his abortion clinic and the doctor runs a red light, T-bones the car belonging to the pregnant woman killing the fetus… the doctor can be charged for fetal homicide. If he kills the fetus in his clinic…the doctor can not be charged for homicide because the law says that he hasn’t done anything wrong. This violates the common sense test.


If Pro-choice advocates are going to stay consistent in their beliefs they should be outraged by the charge of the Tennessee woman. The problem is now, are they going to support pregnant women who want to do drugs? There is no way out of this dilemma for pro-choicers without violating common sense and the moral code that is within every human being.

If it is wrong and illegal to subject a fetus to drugs, or to kill a fetus in a car accident, then it is absolutely wrong to willfully kill a fetus on an operating table.


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