Cold Case Homicide Detective Joins CIA (Cross Examined Instructor’s Academy)

We are excited to announce today that this summer you can learn from J. Warner live in person at’s annual (CIA) Cross Examined Instructor’s Academy which will also include top notch apologetics instruction by Frank Turek, Greg Koukl, Brett Kunkle, Richard Howe, Ted Wright and others on August 8-10. If you are interested sign up here! We would love to see you in August!

Who is J. Warner Wallace you ask? J. Warner has been a police officer for 25 years and now serves as a “Cold Case Homicide Detective” in Southern California as well as with the L.A.P.D.. As you might imagine, Detective J. Warner has witnessed some disturbing scenes as he has had to sift through evidence to discover the truth about past crimes.

J. Warner Wallace

Besides being a Cold Case Homicide Detective, J. Warner is also a Christian, but he was not always one. In fact, for 35 years he was an “angry atheist” and was committed to a naturalistic worldview – that is, until he began to fairly evaluate the evidence for Christianity. As he began to sift through the evidence for Christianity he became convinced that it was indeed true. From evidence alone, he went from hardened skeptic to Christian believer. He even documented this evidence and started a ministry titled “PleaseConvinceMe.” In his recent book, Cold Case Christianity: A Homicide Detective Investigates the Claims of the Gospels(2013, David C. Cook Publishers) J. Warner uses the research methods of a homicide detective to show that the Gospel writers were telling the truth and that Jesus is risen from the dead.

Just recently J. Warner joined the apologetics ministry team of Stand to Reason (STR) founded by Greg Koukl. Just a few weeks ago our own Frank Turek interviewed J. Warner about his new book, and his new venture with Stand to Reason (STR). You can listen to the podcast here –  (be sure to listen to the shows on 1/12/13 and 2/9/13)


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