How Can God be Sovereign over Evil and not Morally Culpable for It
By Ryan Leasure It’s not uncommon to hear those in the non-Reformed…
Transcending Spiritual Gymnastics
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25 Quotes On Tolerance
By Luke Nix"Most of what passes for tolerance today is…
Book Review So the Next Generation Will Know by Sean McDowell and J. Warner Wallace
14 Ways I Teach Apologetics to My 5-Year-Olds
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Why was the Head Cloth of Jesus Wrapped to the Side
My Discussion with Dr. Michael Shermer on God and Evil
Twitter suspends account of pro-life movie “Unplanned”, deletes 99% of their followers
Meet the New Apologists (Part 2_ Advice)
By Jordan Apodaca In the last post we met seven “new apologists.”…
Meet the New Apologists (Part 1)
By Jordan Apodaca God is doing an awesome work around the world.…

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