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Articles & Resources on Archaeology & the Old Testament

Articles referred to in our recent discussion on CrossExamined radio show (American Family Radio) (09-14-2013) The Importance of Biblical Chronology & Dating in Near Eastern Archaeology – Click Here Article by Dr. Bryant Wood of Associates for Biblical Research on the Discovery of the Biblical Cities of Sodom & Gomorrah – Click Here A Brief […]

A Titanic Failure: Never Learning from Our Past

Rulers, Statesmen, Nations, are wont to be emphatically commended to the teaching which experience offers in history. But what experience and history teach is this, – that peoples and governments never have learned anything from history, or acted on principles deduced from it. ~ Georg Wilhelm F. Hegel, from his lectures, On the Philosophy of […]

A Not So Bright Future: Technology, Atheism & the Death of Man

It is widely believed that the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche ushered in the twentieth century with his famous phrase, “God is dead…”[1] Nietzsche himself died in 1900. Obviously, atheism didn’t start in the twentieth century with Nietzsche. In fact, he was the culmination (the pinnacle) of a long line of thinkers which reached back into […]

Archaeology, the Bible & the Great Dating Debate

An article posted by the Biblical Archaeology Society cites a recent report published in BASOR (the Bulletin for the American Schools of Oriental Research) which calls into question the dating of the Siloam Tunnel which was supposedly excavated during the reign of the biblical king, Hezekiah. According to references in the Old Testament (specifically 2 […]

Should Women Be Apologists? They Already Are!

In the past couple of decades or so there has been a renaissance of apologetics at the college and seminary level. There was a time when undergraduate and graduate degrees in Christian apologetics did not exist. Now there are a number of great schools and universities that offer degrees in Christian apologetics (i.e., Talbot School […]

Ancient Israel: Myth or History? Part 3b

Part 3b Archaeological Evidence for the Historicity of the Old Testament: The Patriarchs THE OLD TESTAMENT PERIOD IS AN AREA OF ARCHAEOLOGICAL RESEARCH WHICH IS BEGINNING TO YIELD SUPRISING RESULTS Contrary to the biblical minimalists and others, there is good historical evidence for the Old Testament as a historical narrative. The problem today is that […]

Ancient Israel: Myth or History? Part 3a

Part 3a Responding to Biblical Minimalism A Summary Apologetic for Old Testament Historical Reliability In the previous two posts I tried to the emphasize importance of whether or not the general historical outlook found in the Old Testament narrative can be trusted, and secondly I laid out two of the main challenges to the historical […]

Ancient Israel: Myth or History?

Part 1 The Importance of this Question Among the many archaeological anomalies which the biblical apologist must contend with, perhaps the enigma of the Biblical Patriarchs is one of the thorniest. Who were the founding fathers of our Judeo-Christian faith? Who were the Israelites? Were they just figures invented by someone in the past to […]

Did the Apostle Paul “Invent” Christianity?

The writer of Ecclesiastes instructs his students “…of making many books there is no end.” (Eccl. 12:2) and this is certainly true. A similar thing could certainly be said in responding to the continual flow of misinformation and outright falsehoods about Christianity from popular books, media and television documentaries. This is the second blog-article I […]