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Are you a Selective Moralizer?

What makes you think that your moral views are correct?  If you were a white person in the Southern U.S. in 1840, what would you think of slavery?  If you lived anywhere in the U.S. in 1840, what would you think of abortion?  How about homosexual behavior and same-sex marriage? Are you just a product of […]

What I learned from my Father’s Death

In this very personal podcast, Frank reveals the lessons he’s learned from his Father’s recent death. He also reflects on C.S. Lewis’s argument from desire, and how Christianity makes the best sense of our intuitions. If you want to send us a question for the show, please email us at Hello@CrossExamined.org. Subscribe on iTunes: http://bit.ly/CrossExamined_Podcast rate and […]

A Conversation About Racism Between Black and White Christians

Detective J. Warner Wallace hosts a former gang member, now Christian apologist, Vada Hedgeman, to discuss racism.  What experiences with cops did Vada have growing up?  What is systematic racism?  Are there more prominent causes than racism for inequalities between blacks and whites?   Does grouping people by race or ethnicity actually feed racism?  Where do […]