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Why are there so many denominations?

Skeptics are quick to claim that there are thousands of Christian denominations.  Is that really true?  If the Bible is true and clear, why is are there so many denominations?   Join Frank as he addresses these four questions: Are just Christians divided? How serious are denominational disagreements? What causes divisions? Is God clear enough?  […]

What’s an easy way to do evangelism? With Dr. Rice Broocks

About 70% of young people leave the church after they leave home, and only 3% of churches grow through evangelism.   Why aren’t we sharing the world’s most important truth?   One reason is that we simply don’t know how to share the truth without sounding like a religious nut.  It’s awkward in our culture.   But there’s […]

What Makes Something Right or Wrong?

Is it just human opinion? Are values just subjective preferences or is there a really objective standard of rightness, goodness, and justice beyond us? This show delves into questions on morality and others you’ve emailed to Frank such as: What moral standard are political parties using when they address the conflict between so-called LGBTQ rights […]

Sex and Your Commanding Officer

Who is your commanding officer? Is it Jesus or someone else? Is it Jesus or yourself? Is it Jesus or the culture? If you say it’s Jesus, well Jesus said, “If you love me you will keep my commands.” Yet we see people in the church today not only failing to keep his commands but […]

Jezebel’s War with America

Jezebel was the most wicked woman in the Bible, a powerful seductress who killed the prophets led Israel into idolatry and immorality, and emasculated men. She was seductive and determined to snuff out the voices coming against her because these voices were calling out for repentance. In 21st century America, Jezebel is not a person, […]

Leaving Christianity for new truth?

Are people leaving Christianity for a “new” truth? Does science keep piercing the truth of every religion? Is the Bible full of contradictions? Does God send 4 billion people to hell? Is it really true that no one talks about these things? Join Frank and he responds to these issues raised by Marty Sampsons, the […]

Is it arrogant to say you’re right? And many other questions

Is it arrogant to say you’re right? And many other questions. So you think you’re right and everyone else is wrong! You’re arrogant! Is that true? Frank answers many of the questions you’ve emailed to Hello@Crossexamined.org including: Is love possible if atheism is true? Unless you observe it directly, do you have to have faith […]

Leaving Christianity For Sex?

Pastor and author Joshua Harris recently announced that he has divorced his wife and left Christianity. He also has denounced Christian sexual morality. What can we learn from this? Here are some of the questions Frank addresses: · What reasons did he give? Did he cite evidence that Christianity is false? · By leaving Christianity […]

The Logic of God with Ravi Zacharias

Frank interviews the Great Ravi Zacharias who has been bringing grace and truth all over the world for nearly fifty years.   Ravi’s new devotional book is called The Logic of God, and the two apologists discuss many of its insights into this fascinating program. Here are some of the questions Frank asks Ravi: Why […]

Can Science Explain Everything? Featuring Dr. John Lennox

Can science explain everything? Is science an unstoppable force in human development?  Will it provide for all of our needs? How can a scientist believe in God? Are Christians committing the God of the Gaps fallacy when we say the universe, and certain designs in the universe, point to a being like God? Is Christianity […]

Dr. Norman Geisler’s Greatest Hits

Join Frank as he describes more than 50 important truths that his mentor, Dr. Norman Geisler, taught him over the years.  All of these insights— some of them were profound quips— will help you defend the faith and make you a better disciple. You better get ready to listen intently because there is more than […]

Unseen Realm Part 2

How many spiritual beings are there? How can we discern what comes from God and what comes from dark forces? How do we explain two Yahwehs in the Old Testament? Join Frank for Part 2 as he interviews Dr. Michael Heiser about his book Unseen Realm: Recovering the Supernatural Worldview of the Bible. (Listen to […]

The Unseen Realm

Join Frank as he interviews Dr. Michael Heiser about his book Unseen Realm: Recovering the Supernatural Worldview of the Bible. But beware: your view of the Bible may be rocked as a result of this interview! This is only Part 1. Part 2 is next week. Check out Dr. Heiser at www.DRMSH.com and on his […]

Mama Bear Apologetics

If you get between a mama bear and her cubs, you’ll be in big trouble. Frank interviews Hillary Morgan Ferrer, who joined up with other mama bears, to show you how you can protect your cubs from the trouble generated by the false ideas that are celebrated in our culture. These include: Self-Help Culture: the […]

Is morality bad for business?

According to 180 CEOs, it is… at least the morality based on God’s Good nature. They claim that abortion bans go “against our values and [are] bad for business.” They claim abortion bans are a ban on “equality.” What do they mean by equality? What do they mean by bad? What standard are they using […]

The New Absolutes

What is happening to our culture’s moral values? Is it really radical relativism: everyone gets to decide what is right in his own eyes? Join Frank to find out that there’s actually a new set of absolutes that our culture is adopting. And these new absolutes are often polar opposites of those grounded in God’s […]

Navigating a Post-Truth Culture

We live in a post-truth culture, but how did we get here? In this episode, Dr. Ray Ciervo fills in for Frank and answer that and many other questions related to this extremely relevant topic. He shares some great insights on how to reach those who have bought into this whole idea, and how to […]

The Equality Act isn’t About Equality

What is the one topic today that pastors and Christians seem most scared to discuss? They are virtually silent, yet this topic threatens to make certain aspects of following Christ illegal in the United States. There is NOTHING “equal” about the “Equality Act!” It is LGBTQ+ supremacy over heterosexuality, and we don’t shy away from […]

So the Next Generation will Know

Whether you’re a Christian parent, youth leader, or educator who works with Generation Z, you got to listen to this interview. As powerful ideas in our increasingly secular culture shape more of this generation, trusted leaders must share what they know about Jesus in ways that will reach them. Frank interview J. Warner Wallace and […]

Pastor leaves the faith?

After 40 years, ‘megachurch’ pastor slams Christianity and quits… This is part of the headline of an article in the Christian Post about former pastor Dave Gass who recently renounce his faith publicly on social media. Frank takes a look at the reasons Mr. Gass gives for rejecting the faith to see if they are […]

Is Progressive Christianity really “Good News”?

The emergent (and dangerous) phenomenon of “Progressive Christianity” is coming to a church near you. Our guest host Alisa Childers is not only an expert in the topic, but she has experienced it first hand. We’re going to list a few symptoms of a progressive church here, but you will have to listen to this […]