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Why Everyone Believes in Borders

Do you have locks on your doors? How about on your car? Got a fence so your kids can play safely? The truth is everyone believes in secure borders. In fact, life would be impossible without them. As long as human nature is what it is—bent toward evil—borders will be necessary. Frank skillfully discuss this […]

Does Religion Really Matter in America?

  The latest Gallup poll shows a continuing decline of religious influence in America. A dramatic shift has taken place in America related to the way we view religious beliefs. Hidden in the data from the Gallup research lies a clue to the reason for this change in public opinion. Why do fewer Americans think […]

True for you but not for me? Plus More Q&A!

  Frank continues to answer questions from you, our amazing audience! He got the following question via email “Yesterday, I had a discussion with a friend who is a postmodernist. He believes in the statement, “it’s true for you, but not for me.” I pulled up the CrossExamined app and showed him the example of […]

Are Christmas Traditions Really Christian?

Now, this is an episode you CANNOT miss! A Christmas episode about Christmas traditions with the brilliant William J. Federer. Frank and Bill talk about, Santa Claus (the real one), why the use of Xmas instead of Christmas, why celebrating Christ birth on December 25th, the Christmas tree and many more great insights. Then he […]

Why is there evidence for anything?

Frank is back answering your questions after three weeks of great interviews on the Cross Examined Official Podcast. Many people claim that there’s no evidence for God… but “Why is there evidence for anything?” Frank unpacks this and answers a couple more questions he got from you, our great audience, via email. He talks about […]

Who were the Neanderthals?

  Frank interviews Dr. Fazale Rana the vice president of research and apologetics at Reason to Believe, a brilliant biochemist on the question “Who were the Neanderthals?.” They also talk about common descent, homology, DNA and the “God of the gaps objection. Don’t miss this fascinating program loaded with insightful scientific details.  

The Most Destructive Idea

PODCAST Rigid adherence to scientism—as opposed to a healthy respect for science—is all too prevalent in our world today. Rather than leading to a deeper understanding of our universe, this worldview actually undermines real science and marginalizes morality and religion. In this interview, celebrated philosopher J. P. Moreland exposes the self-defeating nature of scientism and […]

Everything is Connected

Join Frank on a fascinating survey of history from 1453 to the Pilgrims to Thanksgiving with none other than historian Bill Federer. This episode for the CrossExamined podcast is packed with surprising historical data. Don’t miss it! Visit Bill’s website here: https://americanminute.com/

Exclusion in the Name of Inclusion

Decades ago the free speech movement was born in the campus of UC Berkeley. Today the story is the complete opposite. Only a few weeks ago a student senator by the name of Isabella Chow abstained from a vote supporting “transgender rights” and even though she gave a well-reasoned explanation now more than 1,000 people […]

How to defend Christianity in a soundbite world

The task of defending the truth of Christianity today is becoming increasingly difficult, especially since now technology allows us to “extract” a phrase or two and interpret it any way we want. Whether is in social media, radio or video, it’s never been easier to take things out of context. How can we successfully defend […]

Uncovering Jerusalem with Archaeologist Eli Shukron

Frank sits down in his studio with the famous archaeologist Eli Shukron. They talk about Eli’s story and his amazing archaeological discoveries. These discoveries not only authenticate the historical accuracy of the various biblical accounts related to these artifacts and locations but also illuminate the stories we find in the Scriptures. Don’t miss this insightful […]

El cristianismo es verdadero, aunque algo de la Biblia no lo sea

¿Es verdadero el cristianismo solo porque la infalible Biblia dice que lo es?  No.  El cristianismo aún sería verdadero, aunque la Biblia nunca hubiese sido escrita. Permítanme explicarlo. Es una creencia común que prevalece entre algunos cristianos hoy en día, que lo que sabemos sobre el cristianismo depende de una Biblia infalible.  Es cierto, pero […]

Christians and Donald Trump

A controversial topic with a controversial author about a controversial figure. Frank interviews Dr. Michael Brown about his new book: Donald Trump is Not my Saviour. As a Christian, how can you support a president whose present actions and personal history you utterly disagree with? Radio host, Biblical scholar, and social activist, Dr. Michael Brown, […]

Are you believing tradition or scripture?

An interview with the real Indiana Jones, Bob Cornuke about his new book titled “Tradition: Exploring the Roots of Church Traditions.” Bob examines various man-made church traditions which have, far too often, strayed from clear Scriptural mandates. Don’t miss this controversial podcast episode. Is definitely one of those episodes worth listening more than once.

Jesus Is Risen

Originally confined to a small circle of believers centered in Jerusalem, Christianity’s stunning transformation into the world’s most popular faith is one of history’s greatest, most miraculous stories. Frank interviews #1 bestselling author David Limbaugh about his new book Jesus Is Risen, where he provides a riveting account of the birth of Christianity. Using the Book […]

Is it wrong to impose religious beliefs in politics?

Frank thoroughly examines a comment by Rachel Bird posted on the New York Times comments section of Tim Keller’s latest article. He dissects the comment and answers the following question: Is it wrong to impose religious beliefs in politics? Here’s the comment by Rachel: “As a strong believer in the separation of Church and State, […]

Doubting Toward Faith

Let’s face it—we all have doubts, and those doubts can lead to confusion and hopelessness. Contrary to popular belief, doubt is not the opposite of faith. Rather, doubts call for an important decision—will you give in to unbelief, or will you continue the journey toward faith? Frank interviews his friend the “One Minute Apologist” Dr. […]

Problems with Progressive Christianity

From Christian recording artist to daring defender of the faith, Alisa Childers shares her experience with the “Progressive Christianity” movement. She shares with Frank why she wants to raise awareness about this dangerous and toxic view of Christianity. In this podcast they discuss: What is “Progressive Christianity”? What are the signs your church might be […]