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What does sex mean?

What does sex mean according to the Supreme Court?  Frank identifies and expounds upon 5 Casualties in the Court’s LGBTQ Sex Ruling: We the People Women LGBTQ People 96% of the Population Religious Freedom Frank reveals the sixth casualty as well, one for which the original civil rights law was made. He then offers some […]

Defund the Police?

Defund the police is one of the demands of the Black Lives Matter movement.  Is that the right solution to racism in the police force?  Should we defund all doctors if some commit malpractice? What does BLM believe?  How do they compare with the teaching of Christ?  Can you believe that black lives matter yet […]

The Cure for Racism

Frank and J. Warner Wallace address the racism issue head-on by answering: How can two white guys talk about this, especially when one is a cop? How has the debate about racism changed in the social media age? How has the use of data increased our polarization? Regardless of quarrels over data, what is true […]

ENCORE: Frank’s interview with Ravi Zacharias

Frank interviews the Great Ravi Zacharias who has been bringing grace and truth all over the world for nearly fifty years.   Ravi’s new devotional book is called The Logic of God, and the two apologists discuss many of its insights into this fascinating program. Here are some of the questions Frank asks Ravi: Why […]

Reflecting on Ravi with Abdu Murray

Frank reflects on the life of the late great Ravi Zacharias, with Abdu Murray, the Senior VP of RZIM, and author of the new book with Ravi titled Seeing Jesus From the East.  You can reflect on Ravi’s life as well by leaving your tributes at RZIM.org where you can also make a donation to advance their […]

Principles to Keep in Mind When Evaluating COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories

J. Warner Wallace guest hosts for Dr. Frank Turek and describes several principles to help evaluate COVID-19 Conspiracy theories based on his casework as a cold-case detective. Subscribe on iTunes: http://bit.ly/CrossExamined_Podcast Rate and review! Thanks!!! Subscribe on Google Play: http://bit.ly/CE_Podcast_Google Subscribe on Spotify: http://bit.ly/CrossExaminedOfficial_Podcast Subscribe on Stitcher: http://bit.ly/CE_Podcast_Stitcher

Does Love Require Approval?

The culture says, “To love me you must approve of what I do.”  Is that true?  Does love require approval? Many so-called Christians are claiming the answer is yes— that we must approve of what people want to do in order to love them.  Frank shows why that’s false and would make real love impossible.   […]

Philosophy is more Certain than Science

How can philosophy be more certain than science?  How can morality be more certain than science?  That goes against the common wisdom.  Join Frank as he uses COVID 19, as an illustration, to show we know philosophy and morality at least as well if not better than we know scientific truths.  Since science is built […]

Conservatives on Campus with Charlie Kirk

Why should Christians be interested in politics? What political principles should they advocate? Is anyone teaching the principles of political freedom, free markets and limited government on high school and college campuses? Charlie Kirk is the founder and president of TurningPoint USA, which has about 2,000 clubs on high school and college campuses. He joins […]

The Most Influential Life in History

Who was the most influential person in history?  It was a person who never led an army, never held office, never wrote a book, never traveled more than 200 miles from where he was born.  Yet today, he’s the center of humanity.  How so?  Because Jesus of Nazareth rose from the dead.  If there was […]

Dr. Dan and Hope

Frank gets an update on coronavirus from Dr. Daniel Eichenberger, MD. What is he seeing in the hospitals? How are his patients doing? Why are the predictions so wildly different from model to model? (Because there are so many assumptions for which we don’t have good data. This provides another illustration of why science doesn’t […]

Evil is a powerful argument FOR God

Many are asking the questions, “If there is a good God, why does he allow viruses?  Why doesn’t he stop evil?”  In fact, some are claiming that evil proves that God doesn’t exist. But Frank lays out the case that evil is a powerful argument FOR God.  He cites twenty assumptions that people make when […]

Dr. Dan Treats a Coronavirus Patient

Dr. Dan Eichenberger, MD, is back to shoot more sanity into a sensationalized situation.  As Christians, we are commanded to obey what our government wants us to do in this situation.  But that doesn’t mean we have to buy into the fear caused by a media that is hyping this entire coronavirus issue.  The media […]

Is it time to run and hide?

Is it time to run and hide?  Should you cut yourself off from other people because of the coronavirus?  Is the level of concern reasonable or overblown? Dr. Dan Eichenberger, MD, is Frank’s guest, and he gives a shot of sanity into our sensationalized environment.  Among the questions he and Frank investigate: What is unique […]

Evidence for the Exodus

How many times have you heard that there is no evidence for the exodus, particularly no evidence from Egypt?  That claim is demonstrably false!  Archaeologist Dr. Titus Kennedy joins Frank along with Dr. Stephen Meyer of the Discovery Institute to review a list of eight findings, most from Egypt, that corroborate the Bible’s account of the exodus.  In […]

Killing in the name of God?

If God told you to kill someone, what would you do?  Wouldn’t you seek a psychiatrist?  Why did Abraham almost go through with killing his son Isaac?  How did Abraham know God told him and not a demon?  How does the violence in the Old Testament differ from that in the Qur’an?  And does God […]

Does logic apply to God? And other questions

Can we put God in a box of our own logic?  Aren’t His ways higher than our ways?  Did God invent logic?  Did human beings invent it? Frank goes deep into those questions to the foundation of reality.  He also takes a fresh look at an often-misinterpreted passage in Isaiah 55 about God’s ways being […]

Questions to ask my LGBTQ friends

A 14-year-old young lady wrote to Frank a question about reaching out to her bisexual friend.  How can she do that effectively?  This is a sensitive and emotional issue in our culture today, and many people are ready to pounce on you with several objections (and names) if you express the biblical view of sexuality.  […]

Life is Like Football

Is Christianity a crutch that just makes people feel better? Is Christianity too binary? Too exclusive? Does God want to condemn most of his beautiful creation to a fiery Hell? What if Christianity doesn’t work for you? Doesn’t resonate with you? Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has left Christianity because he believes it is […]