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Problems with Progressive Christianity

From Christian recording artist to daring defender of the faith, Alisa Childers shares her experience with the “Progressive Christianity” movement. She shares with Frank why she wants to raise awareness about this dangerous and toxic view of Christianity. In this podcast they discuss: What is “Progressive Christianity”? What are the signs your church might be […]

The UnAborted Truth

Frank interviews one of the most controversial and brilliant defenders of freedom of speech and the right to life, Dr. Mike S. Adams. This fearless UNCW professor defends truth amidst tons of opposition wherever he goes. Make sure you listen to this podcast. In this interview they touch in Mike’s background story and then they […]

Irresistible: Reclaiming the New that Jesus Unleashed

Once upon a time there was a version of our faith that was practically . . . irresistible. But that was then. Today we preach, teach, write, and communicate as if nothing has changed.  As if “The Bible says it,” still settles it. It’s time to hit pause on much of what we’re doing and […]

Why are there so many denominations?

There’s a lot of confusion both inside and outside Christian circles regarding the multitude of Christian denominations. Some even use that fact as an argument against Christianity. How should we answer when someone asks We often hear people asking the following question: Why are there so many denominations? Frank answer that question and more in […]

My Debate with Dr. Michael Shermer

Does belief in God make sense of the world? Or does reality itself point to God’s absence? Is God real or is he a product of human minds? These were some of the questions we discuss during my debate with Dr. Michael Shermer in San Jose California this past Friday, August 24th, 2018. Debate title: […]

How do we know God exists? Is the Old Testament binding?

Some say there’s no evidence for God, we can’t see him, we can’t use any type of scientific test to prove he exists, so how can we know this? Frank answer that question and then dives deep to answer questions related to the differences between the Old and the New Testament, Evil, the Canaanite Genocide […]

Predestination vs Free Will

Have you been sending your questions to Hello@CrossExamined.org so Frank can answer them on this podcast? If not, why not? Here’s this week’s main question: How can we have freedom of the will if God is completely sovereign?    

¿Qué es apologética cristiana?

¿Por qué alguien quisiera o debería convertirse en cristiano? ¿Por qué debería alguien poner su fe en Jesús –un hombre que vivió hace más de dos mil años? Ciertamente, se han tenido diversas respuestas a estas preguntas a lo largo de la historia del cristianismo. La apologética cristiana es tanto la ciencia como el arte […]

Sharing the Good News with Mormons

Someone you know is a Mormon—a family member, a coworker, a friend, or a neighbor—and you long to present the truth about Jesus and what God’s Word teaches. But where do you start? How can you convey what’s on your heart in a way that will be well received? Well, there’s a new book by […]

Why Everyone Believes in Secure Borders and Why America Needs Them

If you say you’re for open borders, you’re not.  Not completely. Do you have locks on your doors?  How about on your car?  Got a fence so your kids can play safely?  Do you have passwords on your computers?  How about your bank accounts? Do you protect your credit card numbers?  Your social security number?  […]

The Big Questions in Life: Part IV

Frank closes our current “Big Questions in Life” series answering some really tough questions. In this last installment of our 4 part series, Frank discusses the following questions: What is the source of objective moral obligations? Where does evil come from? Why do we have free will? What is the purpose or meaning of life? […]

The Big Questions in Life: Part III

After a quick break (previous episode) from our current “Big Questions in Life” series, Frank is back with another great installment. In this podcast, he discusses the following questions: Why can our minds discover truths about the external world? What is the source of the laws of logic and mathematics? Why is there such a […]

Why Is The Supreme Court Important To Christians?

After the big announcement by Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy of his retirement many questions arise. Frank tackles some of the following questions in this podcast: How does the Supreme Court affect you as a Christian? What are the implications if a conservative justice is appointed to the Supreme Court? What about Roe vs. Wade, […]

The Big Questions in Life: Part II

Frank reflects on the life of Charles Krauthammer who just recently passed away then retakes the topic of his last podcast that focused on the question “What worldview best explains the biggest questions in life?” He deals with some of the most important questions we need to answer. Questions such as: Why is the universe […]

The Big Questions In Life

What worldview best explains the biggest questions in life? In this podcast, Frank deals with some of the most important questions we need to answer. Questions such as: Why does anything exist? Why is there a universe? Does God exist? What kind of God? If there is no God, why is there something rather than […]

Fired for Opposing Pride?

Why is pride a sin? Frank gives an insightful answer to this question and analyzes the recent controversy that started when members of a gym said a special workout in support of “Pride Week” was canceled by gym owners that led to an executive at CrossFit was fired for a tweet on his personal account. […]

Does Geography Determine Faith?

One of the most popular objections against religion (Christianity in particular) is that we believe in Christianity because we were born in a Christian nation not because it’s true. Frank debunks this objection while sharing a very insightful email he received from a university student about this very topic. Bonus: Frank also refutes the popular […]