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Evil is a powerful argument FOR God

Many are asking the questions, “If there is a good God, why does he allow viruses?  Why doesn’t he stop evil?”  In fact, some are claiming that evil proves that God doesn’t exist. But Frank lays out the case that evil is a powerful argument FOR God.  He cites twenty assumptions that people make when […]

Dr. Dan Treats a Coronavirus Patient

Dr. Dan Eichenberger, MD, is back to shoot more sanity into a sensationalized situation.  As Christians, we are commanded to obey what our government wants us to do in this situation.  But that doesn’t mean we have to buy into the fear caused by a media that is hyping this entire coronavirus issue.  The media […]

Is it time to run and hide?

Is it time to run and hide?  Should you cut yourself off from other people because of the coronavirus?  Is the level of concern reasonable or overblown? Dr. Dan Eichenberger, MD, is Frank’s guest, and he gives a shot of sanity into our sensationalized environment.  Among the questions he and Frank investigate: What is unique […]

Evidence for the Exodus

How many times have you heard that there is no evidence for the exodus, particularly no evidence from Egypt?  That claim is demonstrably false!  Archaeologist Dr. Titus Kennedy joins Frank along with Dr. Stephen Meyer of the Discovery Institute to review a list of eight findings, most from Egypt, that corroborate the Bible’s account of the exodus.  In […]

Killing in the name of God?

If God told you to kill someone, what would you do?  Wouldn’t you seek a psychiatrist?  Why did Abraham almost go through with killing his son Isaac?  How did Abraham know God told him and not a demon?  How does the violence in the Old Testament differ from that in the Qur’an?  And does God […]

Does logic apply to God? And other questions

Can we put God in a box of our own logic?  Aren’t His ways higher than our ways?  Did God invent logic?  Did human beings invent it? Frank goes deep into those questions to the foundation of reality.  He also takes a fresh look at an often-misinterpreted passage in Isaiah 55 about God’s ways being […]

Questions to ask my LGBTQ friends

A 14-year-old young lady wrote to Frank a question about reaching out to her bisexual friend.  How can she do that effectively?  This is a sensitive and emotional issue in our culture today, and many people are ready to pounce on you with several objections (and names) if you express the biblical view of sexuality.  […]

Life is Like Football

Is Christianity a crutch that just makes people feel better? Is Christianity too binary? Too exclusive? Does God want to condemn most of his beautiful creation to a fiery Hell? What if Christianity doesn’t work for you? Doesn’t resonate with you? Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has left Christianity because he believes it is […]

Judaism 101 with Dr. Michael Brown

Here is our list of questions (we might not get to them all, but we will try to give people an overview of what Jews believe today and how we can best reach them for Jesus). What were the major sects of Judaism in the first century? Pharisees Sadducees Essenes Zealots Others Where did they […]

How to Respond to People who Mock Christianity

How would you answer these questions? How do you know what is important in the Bible? How can I find out if someone is a Christian without sounding confrontational? How can I deal with coworkers who mock Christianity? Does design lose its meaning if you’re saying everything is designed? What do you say to people […]

Did Jesus Really Claim to Be God?

Sometimes you’ll hear Muslim apologists and other skeptics of Christianity ask, “Where does Jesus say, ‘I am God, worship me’”?  You won’t find Jesus using those words anywhere in the New Testament documents.  Instead, we read Jesus kept calling Himself “The Son of Man.”  On the face of it, that sounds more human than divine.  […]

The Elephant in the Room isn’t Trump

A couple of listeners wrote emails to express their disagreement with some of what Frank said in the show “Why Did Evangelicals Vote for Trump?” In this show Frank responds by investigating Jesus’s rebuke of the Pharisees (the politicians of Israel) in Matthew 23:23 and then by asking three questions: What is the purpose of […]

What is the Bible all About?

What is the Bible all about?  Sometimes we get too close to it and can’t see the big picture. Join Frank as he takes you on a grand overview of the Bible using the acronym CRIME:  Creation, Rebellion, Intervention, Mission, Eternity.  This will help you see how the Bible fits together to tell one overarching […]

Top Ten Ways to Advance the Gospel

Are you dreading those awkward family dinners this Christmas season?  Unsure about how to tactfully bring up the real reason for Christmas?  Join Frank as he reveals the Top Ten Ways to Advance the Gospel, not only at Holiday dinners but at any event.   These are some very practical ideas and can be used at […]

Money, Greed and God with Dr. Jay Richards

Many people seem confused about what socialism is and whether or not it would be better than America’s capitalistic system.  If there’s one book you should read on this—in fact, it’s one of the best books on economics you’ll read anywhere—is the new edition of Money, Greed and God: The Christian Case for Free Enterprise […]

Why did Evangelicals Vote for Trump?

Frank attended two meetings with candidate Donald Trump in the weeks leading up to the 2016 election. The first meeting in Trump Tower is the subject of the new article in RollingStone Magazine in which Frank is quoted twice. This podcast is Frank’s response to that article, particularly the article’s audacious assertion that Donald Trump […]

New Tactics with Greg Koukl

There are many places you can learn evidence for Christianity.  There are very few places you can learn easy ways to share that evidence.   Greg Koukl’s classic book Tactics is simply the best place to go to learn how to share the hope you have within you.  Now, ten years after the first edition, Greg […]

Is Chick-fil-A chicken? And your questions

Jesus said that you can’t serve both God and money.   It looks like Chick-fil-A may be sacrificing God for money.  Under pressure from LGBTQ activists, they’ve decided to stop supporting the Salvation Army and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.  They say they want to focus their charitable giving “in areas of education, homelessness, and hunger.” […]

Guilty by Reason of Insanity with David Limbaugh

How do you get informed as to what is going on in our crazy political discourse right now? I can’t keep up with it all. I not only can’t keep up with it all, but I also forget what happened politically last week, and last month, and last year. I need someone to document it […]

The Devil’s Delusion with Dr. David Berlinski

Frank interviews one of his favorite authors, the provocative and articulate Dr. David Berlinski. Dr. David Berlinski is an author, thinker, professor, and self-described secular Jew, who with wit and elegance dismantles the assumptions and assertions of Darwinists and other atheistic materialists in his interviews and his books. Berlinski has his Ph.D. from Princeton University, […]

Major Moral Argument Mistakes (Part 3)

Frank continues his detailed response to a retired attorney who objects to the moral argument.  People often find this the most personally relevant argument for God, and that’s perhaps why atheists often object to it the most.  However, Frank points out, their objections are often due to misunderstandings or misapplication of evolutionary theory to morality.  […]