Ted W. Wright M.A

Ted W. Wright serves as the Teaching Director of CrossExamined.org and is a dynamic speaker on Christian apologetics across North America & internationally. In addition to speaking around the country on Christian apologetics, Ted has also appeared on numerous television and radio programs including the History Channel’s epic TV miniseries – “Mankind: The Story of All of Us.” In addition, Ted also serves as adjunct professor of apologetics at two seminaries in Charlotte, NC where he has taught for over a decade. You can watch Ted along with Dr. Frank Turek, the Founder and President of CrossExamined, every Wednesday night on Direct TV Channel 378 at 9 pm (EST); 8 (CST) & again at 1 am (EST).

Ted’s presentation topics include

Digging for Truth: How Archaeology Reveals the Truth of the Bible
How to Answer the Toughest Objections Against Christianity with Truth & Grace  
Four Vital Questions Which Point to the Truth of Christianity (A Summary of “I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist” by N. Geisler & F. Turek)
Defending Creation: How Evidence from Science Points to a Creator
Answering the Problem of Evil (If There is an All-Powerful, All-Loving God then Why Evil?)
The Thirst for Beauty and the Desire for God (A look at C.S. Lewis’s argument from desire and Pascal’s “God shaped vacuum” of the heart)
If you would like to schedule Ted Wright to speak at your school or church or small-group send an email to ted@crossexamined.org

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