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Top 100 Universities Go with Liberal Graduation Speakers

Most of our top universities continue their liberal leaning right through the graduation ceremony.  Todd Starnes provides a complete listing of university graduation speakers from Harvard on down. This despite the fact that many of these universities were founded by Christians on Christianity. For example, Harvard, whose namesake was clergyman John Harvard, was founded to […]

An Atheist Asks About Morality, Cosmology and Hell

At the University of Dallas last month, a polite atheist (Carter) had four major questions/objections to my “I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist” presentation.  Our nine minute exchange covered the following questions/objections: Your moral law argument is offensive because by it you are asserting that atheists can’t be moral. Why are you […]

Why Do the Innocent Suffer?

The only completely innocent person in the history of humanity suffered for a greater good– the salvation of you and me.  Trust in Him this resurrection day.  If you never choose to do so, God will not force you into Heaven against your will.  He will respect your choice and leave you alone, apart from […]