5 Reasons Our Culture Is Obsessed with Sex

Western culture is obsessed with sex. Sex dominates our movies, music, television, advertising, conversations, social media and more. But the question many people fail to ask is: why?

Culture Obsessed Sex

There are myriads of reasons for this. Some reasons are certainly more germane than others. And they undoubtedly overlap. Nevertheless, here are 5 reasons for western culture’s obsession with sex:

Reason 1: Our culture has lost belief in God. Over a century ago Nietzsche proclaimed that God was dead and that we had killed him. He didn’t mean that humans actually killed God, of course, but that western civilization had abandoned the idea of God. Even though many people claim to believe in God today, our culture has become functionally secular, as Nietzsche predicted. And without God, life has no objective meaning. It has no purpose. As Bertrand Russell observed, we must build our lives upon “the firm foundation of unyielding despair.”[1] Since transcendence can no longer be found in God or religion, many people turn to sex for momentary pleasure and meaning.

Reason #2: Our culture has lost belief in immortality. If there is no life after death, then the present becomes all-important. If death is imminent, and there’s no continuing life, then why not seize pleasure while you can? The Apostle Paul said that if there is no resurrection, “Let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we die” (1 Cor. 15:32). In the 1980s, the music band Depeche Mode released a song called, Fly on the Windscreen. The verses of the song are about how human beings are waiting to die, like flies on a windscreen of a car, or lambs being lead to the slaughter. Death is imminent, the song proclaims. So what should we do? The chorus begins with (and repeats): “Come hear, touch me, kiss me, touch me now.”

Reason #3: Our culture has lost belief in the sacredness of sex. Despite the common mantra, Christianity is pro-sex. The Bible is not against the proper use of sex, but is against its abuse. God designed sex, after all, and made it pleasurable for a reason (e.g., see Proverbs 5). Scripture holds up sex as a beautiful gift from God that involves a sacred union between two people of the opposite sex (Gen. 2:24), and as a way people can bring glory to God (1 Cor. 10:31). In contrast, the mantra of the sexual revolution is that sex is not a big deal. In fact, according to this narrative, sex is merely a physical activity (void of any spiritual dimension) that many people engage in purely for fun. If this is the case, then why limit a fun activity? Ironically, it is the biblical worldview that counteracts the extremes of sex-obsession or sex-denigration. Christianity offers sex as a beautiful gift from God that is meant to be experienced within certain boundaries.

Reason #4: Our culture has lost belief that humans are made in the image of God. Naturalistic evolution is the idea that humans have come about through a purely blind, material, and purposeless process. The same unguided process that resulted in animals resulted in us. Thus, human beings are only different from animals merely in terms of degree, not of kind. If this is so, then why shouldn’t humans act like the rest of the animal kingdom? Why should we act differently from animals if we are essentially the same? According to Nancy Pearcey, in her book Saving LeonardoScarlett Johansson was asked about rumors that she is sexually promiscuous. She replied, “I do think on same basic level we are animals and by instinct we kind of breed accordingly.” She’s right. If we are merely evolved complex animals, then why not act like them?

Reason #5: Our culture is boredGeneration Z has been raised in a culture where they can have whatever they want, wherever they want it, whenever they want it, andhowever they want it. There are endless television channels, streaming music services, video games, and social media platforms that offer constant connection and entertainment. And yet the reality is that people are lonelier than ever. Rather than living meaningful lives, we live vicariously through stars. For a culture full of people who lack meaningful relationships, and a deeper purpose of life, sex naturally becomes an obsession.

Ironically, it’s not Christians who are obsessed about sex. Rather, it is a culture that has lost its Christian roots.

[1] Bertrand Russell, “A Free Man’s Worship,” in Why I Am Not a Christian, ed. P. Edwards (New York: Simon & Schuster, 1957), 107.


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29 replies
  1. Andy Ryan says:

    “Ironically, it’s not Christians who are obsessed about sex”
    I don’t understand why you think this would be ironic. Leaving that aside, do you have any evidence that people who don’t believe in an afterlife are more obsessed with sex than those who do? I’m not aware of any studies that back up any positive correlation between obsession with sex and atheism. One can look at stats on porn consumption by US state. Utah is the biggest user, followed by Alaska and Mississippi. If anything these states are quite religious. In fact the Bible Belt on the whole consumes more than less religious states and GOP-voting states consume more than Dem-voting states.
    In short, Sean, the reasons you suggest are not backed up by facts.

    • David says:

      Yes Sean, And Andy’s argument would seem to undercut the Christian belief in the power of the holy spirit in the believer’s life. Why is it that more religious regions of the country do consume more porn than less religious regions. If the holy spirit is actually there, shouldn’t he/she have some restraining effect on those who claim to posses him/her? Additionally, as I’m sure you know, the divorce rate in the church is no different than the divorce rate among the unchurched. Why is that Sean? You are attacking the character of those who believe differently than you and using an argument that is totally devoid of the truth.

      • Tracey. says:

        David. Weeds and seeds, you can be sure, in the midst, God is, not doubt to us Christians, Galilee.
        Jesus went to the towns of place as this data has listed, so no surprises there, in amongst the seeds are the weeds, hiding.
        Lack of Bible knowing will bring wrong misaligned assumptions, every time.
        Proverbs, 2:5,6. ” Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understandings; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.”

        • David says:

          Tracey, what on earth are you talking about? Please write in complete sentences so I can be sure what you are saying. And by the way, I have been studying the bible for over 50 years. Lack of biblical understanding is certainly not the cause for my unbelief. It is actually an abundance of biblical understanding the causes my unbelief. It’s a hot mess. I suggest rather that you, ” Trust in good logic with all your heart and lean not on your own superstitions; in all your ways submit to reason, and it will help you live in the 21st century.”

          • Andy Ryan says:

            “Please write in complete sentences”

            Tracey claims she dictates her posts to people with learning difficulties who then type the posts out and post them here (I’m not joking).

        • David says:

          Is this true Tracey? If so, that’s very noble of you but you can’t afford to put forth confused, poorly worded responses when arguing for god.

      • Andy Ryan says:

        No I’m not. I’m using facts to debunk Sean’s argument. Please free to address any point I’ve actually made.

  2. Andy Ryan says:

    “Thus, human beings are only different from animals merely in terms of degree, not of kind. If this is so, then why shouldn’t humans act like the rest of the animal kingdom?”
    That’s like saying if humans are made from dirt then why shouldn’t we act like dirt.
    Or like saying if humans are inherently sinful then we have an excuse to act sinfully.
    As for ‘acting like the rest of the animal kingdom’, what common behaviour is found in ALL the rest of the animal kingdom? Some animals kill their mate after sex, other animals mate just once, and others still have large members of a community that never have sex at all. Finally, you say all this with no reference to statistics to support the idea that creationists are having less sex than people who accept the science of evolution.

  3. toby says:

    Or like saying if humans are inherently sinful then we have an excuse to act sinfully.
    Always remember Andy . . . if you don’t sin, then Jesus died for nothing.

  4. Susan says:

    Your arguments don’t prove anything to a true Christian so there is no reason to even be making them.

    A true Christian always believes God’s claim that God loves them so they simply return God’s love and build an unshakeable bond thereby.

    No argument in the world is going to shake such a bond.

    • Andy Ryan says:

      If no argument could possible sway you then you’re admitting your position is impervious to reason and therefore in itself unreasonable.

      • Susan says:

        I don’t have a position. I have a relationship and I can reason for myself and check my own motives and do my own research and vet my sources.

        Since when did people ever trust the world to come into their life and their family and take over.

        You can’t trust the world. That’s why we have prisons, cops, courts, contracts, insurance, lie detector tests, etc.

        God says to guard your heart and I respect His opinion on that. I observe a lot of people who’s lives look until unsteady or like they are under assault because they entertained the wrong ideas in their heads.

        • Andy Ryan says:

          “I don’t have a position”
          Then you can claim nothing.
          “I have a relationship”
          That’s a claim.
          “You can’t trust the world”
          That’s a view, Susan – a position.

          • Susan Tan says:

            Sorry, I am no longer able to oblige and argue with you.

            But I know who God is more completely through the scriptures. He gave the scriptures to make Himself known and I need to spend more time around Him and the people working on their relationship with Him and less with the people who claim He is unknowable.

            I would like to make more spiritual progress and hope to receive more revelations directly from Him but that could require a more stricter observance of His ways than I currently observe.

            Look at Buddhism. Look at Hinduism. They have practices that follow their beliefs y’know. Some Hindus practice yoga and believe in blue elephant gods.

            Buddhists practice chanting mantras.

            Buddhism drew a lot of its’ ideas from the Old Testament and I believe Buddha would have been a disciple of Christ if he hadn’t lived about 500 years before him.

            Buddhists detach.
            Christians attach.

            Why the difference? Well only Christ brings spiritual birth and true enlightenment to the world.

            Christians are suppose to practice truth, mercy and grace and have the divine attributes of the Fruit of the Spirit to develop.

            Why would I want to test those attributes debating all the time. Debating reveals I need to spend more time in seeking God so He will build more of His atrributes in me.

            Seek God like the disciples sought Christ and don’t settle for the lesser ideas in His place.

            Why would you substitute the cheap junk ideas of the world when you can be involved in a spiritual building process? Christ came to restore everyone.

            But some people refuse to see the truth for private reasons.

            Don’t let them communicate their errors to you.

            Deliberately set yourself apart. Take time each day to study the scripture. Preferably at the beginning of your day. Pray to God to give you the Holy Spirit and grant you revelation. Be persistent and prove you are a genuine seeker and would like to know to Him. Don’t give up.

            You may be in such an early foundational stage of the spiritual building process that you of all people Andy need to stop debating.

            All this worldly thinking distracts you from being a spiritual truth seeker like Christ’s disciples were.

            That Christ is still around today is evident because His people claim he is.

            So you have an access to him problem so study the scriptures until you start to figure things out.

            You are a very determined man so make sure you use that determination in the right way.

            You should want to know God personally. Ask yourself why you don’t. That could be a weak area for you.

            I know a lot of atheists struggle. Relationships don’t always occur easily. They require time and attentiion.

            I know the founder of American Atheist Madalyn Murray O’Hair who brought the case to deny prayer in U.S. schools had a personal struggle, too.

            But it could be she was such an overwhelming personality that nobody approached her to set her straight and as a result she formed relationships with criminals and even let a murderer into her life and she and most of her family paid for it.

            Make sure you protect yourself by seeking Andy.

            The truth is knowable. Jesus said he is the truth but there are right ways to seek him to be enlightened.

            Why does God have His ways if He doesn’t make Himself known through people?

            Seek out the people of good character and study them.

            You learn from spiritual successes if you want to be a master of spiritual success. You don’t self justify spiritual failure or error and copy it.

            Jesus Christ changed every one of his faithful disciples and he still changes people today.

            An argument will never deny self knowledge unless the person is a weak practitioner and easily confused.

            You can be humble and strong at the same time. Jesus Christ was.

            You probably got used to people tippy toeing around you. Go into the scriptures yourself and stay there until God enlightens you and don’t give up or else you are a quitter and how can you win God’s approval by quitting?

            Seek God’s favor. He is judging you while you are judging Him and He knows exactly what you think.

            According to 1 Cor. 5 I am not suppose to judge unbelievers just other believers like me.

            But I can tell you how to seek God and escape the last judgment, can’t I.

            Good counsel is better than an argument promoted by who knows what heart motives, isn’t it?

            Know the Bible inside out so you can pass God’s bar exam. Isn’t this lifetime God’s bar exam?

            Some people refuse to study to pass God’s bar though.

            God Bless!

          • Andy Ryan says:

            “Sorry, I am no longer able to oblige and argue with you.”
            You never started. You ignore any point I make and post whole essays that I rarely get beyond reading the first three lines of. There are posters here I disagree with 100% of the time but they at least make an effort to engage with what other people are saying. The only reason I keep responding is because I enjoy wasting the time you spend writing out preaching screeds that are ten times longer than the posts you reply to.

  5. Susan says:

    Sean, you could consider culture as the worldly clay mixture from which God separates His people.

    2 Cor. 6, KJV

    17 Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you.

    18 And will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty

    This is a passage where God motivates Paul to exhort the Corinthians onward to spiritual success.

    It isn’t the easiest or natural thing to maintain holiness in an unholy world. You have to learn to distinguish certain things first that God points out in His Word and be washed by the water of the Word.

    Sometimes you might have to ask for more grace.

    Or learn how to take every thought captive.

    But if you let the world or your own flesh distract you then you can learn none of these things.

    Godly principles require reflection and serious consideration. Even more than most human considerations.

    If you can’t dedicate and set aside some serious time to learn from God then how can you understand His ways are higher and different from the world’s ways.

    Also mere study isn’t enough. We need the gift of the Holy Spirit for our spiritual enlightenment to increase.

  6. David says:

    Sean, if lust and sexual desire are caused by a sin nature, why is it that low testosterone lowers a man’s propensity to lust or desire sex? And why was making eunuchs ever even a thing?

  7. Susan says:

    Thanks for being truthful, Andy. See you don’t even read my posts so you are here to sow the world’s evil ideas into my head and others in an attempt to control my thoutghtlife, will and actions and that can be Satanic if you aren’t doing it from a godly motive and you aren’t.

    Have a good day! Bye.

    • Andy Ryan says:

      I’ve tried to wade through them, Susan, but like I said, they read more like sermons than arguments, and they never address any points people have presented you with.
      “Thanks for being truthful, Andy”
      You’re welcome – I value truth and good discussion, and I try to lead by example.

    • Andy Ryan says:

      I’ve tried to wade through them, Susan, but like I said, they read more like sermons than arguments, and they never address any points people have presented you with.
      “Thanks for being truthful, Andy”
      You’re welcome – I value truth and good discussion, and I try to lead by example.

    • David says:

      There you go with the character assassination again Susan. You don’t like what Andy is saying so you say he is sowing evil ideas and that what he is doing is satanic. Please make a reasoned argument Susan or just stop.

      • Susan says:

        Well we all have a n old Satanic sin nature David. It is just some have walked with Jesus longer trying to learn how to be an overcomer.

        Never underestimate the power of this world to sow evil into your head. We are washed by the water of the Word and isn’t God washing the world’s evil thinking and ways out of us.

        Some might have more to wash than others.

        Just because God calls us all sinners in His eyes doesn’t mean there aren’t degrees to the sinfulness and human problems in escaping it.

        We have some people in Christianity who are overly doctrinal.

        Then we have the Christians who learned the wisdom of God’s ways by trial and error.

        I count myself in both camps because I had a really late start in assimilating world so I am pretty sure there is a reason for my late conversion even though I was a born believer. Possibly God let me learn a lot by trial and error because He knows there are a lot of people with problems understanding.

        I should have went to Biblical counseling school a long time ago but I act like something of a teacher and Biblical counselor any way and I get to talk to all the hard cases while there is still time for them to repent and I thank God for the tough assignment because I was born more intelligent than most and am easily bored and nothing gets one more in trouble than existential boredom.

        Why are people so upset in this world? Because they are all the prodigal son. Everyone wants to go home to God and paradise but due to false rationalizations and circumstances outside of their control they can’t and that is enough to frustrate anyone and make them rebellious.

        Paul said it ” to die is gain” because then you will be hime with God but it was more needful for him to be in this world because a lot of people need saving and people make it hard because this world likes to rob them of the self knowledge that they are not insignificant. Everyone is important to God and God counts every hair on your head.

        So why does everyone object to not being insignificant with God? It must be the flesh because the old dying flesh nature is irrational and doesn’t want to die so God can make peace flourish in people’s hearts.

        Meditate on it. Read Psalm 1. God recommends deep and regular Bible meditation.

        Psalm 119:78
        78 Let the proud be ashamed; for they dealt perversely with me without a cause: but I will meditate in thy precepts.

        • David says:

          Susan, I have to agree with Andy. Your posts do read like sermons. Do you have any legitimate arguments to make? Or just dogma to spew? I got 50 years of dogma in the church. Much of it straight up lies. I am seeking good arguments and the skeptics possess most of them. Sorry.

          • Susan says:

            Go your own way David.

            I am learning to let my words be few. You can reject sound counsel if you want to. You have free will and I do believe God only requires me to warn you and I have already done that.

            Have at it, my friend! Go learn by trial and error. Who is stopping you?

            If you want to surround yourself with the vainest, emptyheaded, lightweight thinkers in the world giving them access to your head ahead of God then God gave you the freewill to do that.

            If you won’t guard your own heart like the wisest Person in the world advises then how can I guard your heart?

            I can’t. All I can do is warn you and I did that already.

            Peace Be With You!

          • jcb says:

            David, I think you have it right: Susan doesn’t seem to offer anything in the way of arguments or evidence. Oddly, given that, she still ends up saying a lot. Not a lot that is helpful. Just a lot in terms of the number of words. Yes, it looks like sermonizing to me as well. Yes, the good arguments seem to be on the side of the skeptics. If only there were some theists willing to offer better arguments. But to do that, they first would have to provide anything in the way of an argument. Yes, religion asserts many falsehoods. If there are important religious truths, the best way to demonstrate them is with evidence. (Keep trying, theists!)

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